BFF 2016: “Solo di cordata”, Italy

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

“Solo di Cordata – Esplorando Renato Casarotto”/”SOLO OF ROPE PARTY – Exploring Renato Casarotto”, Italy, 2015, Davide Riva, 84’

A faithful portrait of the very strong filmic lone climber, retracing his most famous mountaineering feats and thanks to valuable materials unpublished repertoire joined the voice of his closest friends and climbing companions, he says, with the same thoughts and voice of Casarotto, research human hidden behind the action need mountaineering immersed in the wildest nature. A collection of images and unknown thoughts that throw light on the human complexity and eclecticism of a man who, by his will and technical ascent, accomplished extraordinary feats many of which still unsurpassed today and never repeated The human experiment “of one of the purest and least celebrated mountaineers of all time” reveals what happens when the human soul, penetrating into solitude in the primordial nature of the natural world, comes to face the origin.




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