BFF 2016: “Sciare in salita’/ “Skiing Upward”, Italy

Bulgarian premiere:

“Sciare in salita’/ “Skiing Upward” Italy, 2016, Chiara Brambilla, 67’

“Skiing upward” is a story about the Righini, the Italian Alpine Club’s ski mountaineering school in Milan. The Righini have for generations transmitted a culture of Alpine-life into the city. Through the microcosm of the school, the documentary retraces the most important phases of ski mountaineering history. From the evolution of technical materials to the rise of the digital Era. This is illustrated through the use of filmic archives – from celluloid to contemporary social media – showing the continuous creation of new ways of storytelling. Always at the centre of the shot is the mountain. An object with a mysterious aura that continues to evade the representations and imaginaries that men have tried to create of it over the years.

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