BFF 2016: “Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivors and Miracles”, Nepal

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

“Bhagyale Bachekaharu”/ “Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivors and Miracles”, Nepal, 2015, Ganesh Panday, 45’)

On 25 April 2015 at 11:56 local time, a devastating (7.8) earthquake struck Nepal with an epicenter in Barpak, a village of Gorkha district (144 km northwest) of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal left 9,000 (More than half were female) dead, many injured, hundreds of people are still missing, internally displaced and homeless (hundreds of thousand) due to deadly quake and more than half million houses were destroyed. The earthquake severely affected 14 districts, out of 75 districts of Nepal, in the central and western regions of Nepal which includes hilly and mountainous regions and the Kathmandu valley. On May 12 another powerful earthquake (7.3) magnitude struck Nepal again with an epicenter in Dolakha district (75 km east from Kathmandu) in which many (historic) buildings collapsed, temples ruined, roads destroyed and transportation halted and life of people completely paralyzed. Ganesh Panday, a prominent TV Journalist and Award Winning Film Maker has come up with a documentary entitled “Bhagyale Bachekaharu (Nepal Earthquake: Heroes, Survivors and Miracles)” featuring miraculous survivals of those who escaped death in the April 25 earthquake. The 46 -minute long documentary portrays the live footage of Dharahara, a nine-storied ancient monument crumbling down into rubble by the tremor and story of seven earthquake survivors who had a miracle escape from the jaws of death. The documentary encompasses the horrible story of a four-month-old Sonis Awal, who was rescued alive 22 hours after being buried under the rubble of his five-story house,Babita Sedhai, who beat death despite falling down from Dharahara; and Pemba Tamang, who was rescued after being trapped for 112 hours, horrible story of ninth grader Priya BK who lost her leg, Shiva KumariKhaggi, 75 years old lady who was rescued alive from the debris, a story of Rishi Khanal who was rescued alive from the rubble after 4 days and drank his own urine to save his life. The documentary features the interviews of Armed Police Force Inspector Laxman Basnet who rescued many people alive, Nepal Army’s Deepak Rai and Bikas KC, who rescued baby Sonis;and National Poet Laureate Madhav Prasad Ghimire who survived both the 1934 and 2015 earthquakes. The Miracle Survival is a historical document that vividly portrays the horrifying picture of the devastating situation in Nepal caused by April Earthquake and the scarred (both physical and psychological) left to the Nepalese people.




– Best Documentary Award Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF), December, 10, 2015

– Public Choice Award, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF), December, 10, 2015

– Best Documentary Jury Award, Noida International Film Festival, New Delhi, India, Feb, 2016

– Best International Documentary Award, Nashik International Film Festival, Mumbai, March 2016

– Golden Camera Award, Nashik International Film Festival, Mumbai, March 2016

– Best Documentary Award, Edinburgh Nepali Film Festival, Edinburgh, UK, March 2016

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