BFF 2016: “Himalaiaski, The Beginning of a New Adventure”, Spain

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

“Himalaiaski, el principi d’una nova Aventura”/ “Himalaiaski, The Beginning of a New Adventure”, Spain, 2015, Pep Cuberes, 20’)

We started planning a dream, more than a travel. A different way to discover the Himalayas. When we were telling people that we wanted to climb virgin summits in the border with Nepal and the Tibet in winter, with our skis, there were only two reactions: they said we got crazy or that they wanted to come with us. Even more, when we told them some of us would return running and others mountain biking to Kathmandu, and that all of this would be recorded on a film to show our experience. But the paths you finally walk on, you only know them when you get there, and just a few times are exactly how you imagined. We arrived thinking that a trip like this one was measured by the summits you reach, the slopes you ski, the positive meter drop that we’d accumulate in our legs and the incredible frames we’d record. And of course it was all amazing and majestic. But once we got back from the trip we have realized that what we really brought from that country was the people, those smiles, their hospitality opening the doors of their houses while you see they have nothing at all, but they want to give everything to you. Those kids that have never gone to school and their shinning eyes when they see a pair of skis, a mountain bike or the images that we recorded up in the mountains. After the terrible earthquake on 25th April 2015, it all changes. The first news only talks about Kathmandu and the Everest base camp. We didn’t know about the friends we left on the Langtang Valley. After some days, our worst nightmare gets real: the whole valley has been wiped out by numerous avalanches and some villages are just buried.   We’d like to tell about a trip, show the last images of happiness that probably were recorded in the Langtang Valley before the earthquake, but specially to tell about an amazing culture and people that now needs more help than ever.

Film festivals participation:

Opens the festival Vivim Muntanya de Olot (Spain). February 2.016

Presentation in TVC (Catalonia Television) January 2.016


Multimedia Award for Best Screenplay – ERAM Presenta 2015. Escuela Superior de Audiovisuales y Multimedia de Girona (Spain) July 2.015


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