BFF 2016: “Ghost of the mountains”, Denmark, Italy

Premiere for Bulgaria of the film:

 “Ghost of the mountains”, Denmark, Italy, 2016, Frederik Wolff Teglhus, Annalisa Brambilla 45’

In 2013 a mountain ranger from the Siilkhem National park in the north-east of Mongolia discovers evidence of the elusive snow leopard. The Mongolian authorities decide to begin an extensive survey to establish the snow leopard abundance. Rasmus and Francesco, two naturalists with expertise in the field of camera trapping are taken on to install 50 cameras in the park, and collect images of the snow leopards. However, the two naturalists will first of all have to deal with the daily life together with the rangers and the families of shepherds who accommodate them during their stay, and the impact of livestock in the national park. The film becomes a journey into the thoughts and life of conservation biologists and explores why humans play such a central role in conservation.

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