BFF 2016: “Between heaven and ice”, Italy

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

“Between heaven and ice”, Italy, 2015, Federico Modica, 44’

The story of an expedition in Greenland to try something never done before: climb Icebergs and fix & walk slacklines and higlines. With some record in our pockets: 1st slackline in greenland, 1st waterline in greenland, 1st highline in greenland and the most spectacular 1st slackline on an Iceberg ever done and the first highline on an iceberg ever done. The athlete Mattia Felicetti and Benjamin Kofler are the protagonist of this fantastic adventure.

Filmed by Graziano Bosin and Alice Russolo Aerial Images by Federico Modica Time Lapse by Ralf Brunel Edited by Federico Modica and Graziano Bosin


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