BFF 2014: “Without the sea”

Bulgarian premiere of the movie – “Without the sea”, Chech Republic, 2013, Tomáš Galásek, 50’

WITHOUT THE SEA is documentary about people who dedicated their lives to windsurfing.
First czech documentary called WITHOUT THE SEA made in cooperation with our best Czech windsurfers (Tom “Tománo” Malina, Petr “Golfer” Kabát, Martin “Owes” Ovsík).
Even if Czech Republic doesn’t have a sea and perfect conditions for this sport there are people for whom windsurfing became life style and passion and they have been able to succeed worldwide. We decided to show on their stories that when is each of us persistent and has life goal than we can do a lot. Movie WITHOUT THE SEA offer not only great show with magnificent and unique shots from the world of windsurfing but it introduce group of people who can motivate younger generation.



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