BFF 2014: “Visions of Mustang”

Bulgarian premiere of the movie – “Visions of Mustang”, Great Britain, 2012, Daniel Byers, 43’ 

Closed to the world for thousands of years, the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang is a last refuge of traditional Tibetan Buddhist way of life – and one of the highest incidences of eye cataracts, due to the intense UV radiation at the high altitudes of the Himalayas. In a place without even basic medical care, where many people are still pastoral nomads living in desert camps and relying on their herds to survive, blindness can spell disaster, poverty, and even death. Visions of Mustang – a documentary by Daniel Byers and Skyship Films – follows the first surgical eye expedition to enter the Forbidden Kingdom – an intense and ambitious journey into one of the most remote regions of the planet.



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