BFF 2014: “The train of hope – the Bever-Scuol line is 100 years old”

“Il tren de la speranza – 100 onns viafer Bever-Scuol”/ “The train of hope – the Bever-Scuol line is 100 years old” , Switzerland, 2013, Ruedi Bruderer, 28’

Rail construction at the beginning of the 20th century was a source of widespread hope. In the Engadine people dreamt that international trains from Munich to Milan would soon be travelling down their valley, so the arrival of the railway a hundred years ago raised great hopes. The inauguration ceremony in Scuol at the end of June 1913 was attended by no fewer than three federal councillors. But with the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the extension of the line towards the Tyrol to the east and Bregaglia to the west remained a dream. Thus the station at Scuol is still a terminus, though the construction of the Vereina tunnel in 1999 gave trains from Chur direct access to the principal village of the Lower Engadine. In his film “The train of hope” (original title: “Il tren da la speranza”) Ruedi Bruderer relates the 100-year history of the railway in the Engadine during the journey from Bever to Scuol, illustrating it with various original documents, photographs and films.

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