BFF 2015: “Beyond good and evil”, France

“Beyond good and evil”, France, 2013, Bertrand Delapierre, 11’

A Mythical route in Alps.
At the first ascent, in 1992, Andy Parkin and Mark twight describe it like “ the nicest and hardest route of the Alps ; 14 exceptionals pitches in severe mixed conditions for a committed ice climbing with minimalists protections ! »
Right now, “Beyond good and evil” stay one of hardest route in Alps ;
beyond difficulties, history about it reflects the state of mind of high-level mountaineering: strong climbers of each generation must confront it to affirm their presence. First climbers, Andy Parkin & Mark Twight, followed by F.Damilano, F.Marsigny, Lafaille reveal the feelings it brings.

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