Bansko film fest 2022 – AWARDS

Jury Awards – Bansko film fest 2022

  1. Special mention:  “Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits” (Czech Republic, Italy, 2022), Jan Simanek/Petr Zaruba

Motivation: For approaching how a climbing virtuoso and his partner must deal with pressure from the media, social networks and fans when his climbing passion has to coexist with the ambition to win in the Olympic Games.

2. Motopfohe Award for best Bulgarian film:  “Winter” (Bulgaria, Viktor Troyanov, 2021)

Motivation: The MotoPfoe prize is awarded to Victor Troyanov’s Film for the film Winter. In this film, the authors want to draw attention to the clean air and beauty in our mountains, and how man affects nature and accelerates climate change, which is detrimental to the planet!


3. Uniqa Award for best Bulgarian film:  “Santiago” (Bulgaria, Andrey Koulev, 2021) 

Motivation: SANTIAGO for the technical quality and the brilliant poetic vein through which he tells a touching story of a friendship, with a profound universal value. In the film he shows us the purpose of the old man to impart the wisdom and experience of his life into the young spirit of the boy!

4. Jury`s Special prize:  “DEAR WERNER (WALKING ON CINEMA)” (Spain, 2020), Pablo Maqueda 

Motivation: Pablo Maqueda’s author‘s work is remarkable for its depth and insight. He is following Werner Herzog’s footsteps by walking from München to Paris in 2020, as Werner Herzog did in 1974, as an act of faith to defy the death of his mentor, historian and film critic, Lotte Eisner. Dear Werner is a cinematic adventure with magical moments, itinerant, simple, honest and emotional footstep journey where the voices of “student” and “teacher” alternate in a hypnotic winter expedition. In his 33 years the young filmmaker Pablo Maqueda composes a mature, calm and stimulating work, making a real bridge with the 33-year-old Verner Herzog’s life meaningful journey. 


5. Municipality of Bansko Prize for the Film of Special Cultural Value: ZENERÙ” (Italy, 2021), Andrea Grasseli

Motivation: ZENERU because it manages to evoke in an original way, without the need for words, but through the magic of cinema, the intimate bond between the agro-pastoral world of mountain people and the cyclical time of nature, drawing an unforgettable portrait of the hermit Flaminio and his life suspended between domestic and wild, between real and unreal.


6. Prize for Complete Realization in Extreme Conditions: “La Liste: Everything or nothing” (Austria, 2021), Eric Crossland 

Motivation: The film puts the viewers on the skis of the characters and makes them feel what it means to descend and film the most impressive 6000 meters peaks in the most extreme conditions.

7. Prize for the Film on Alpine Sport, Exploration or Adventure:  “The Sanctity of Space” (USA, 2022),  Ronan Ozturk, Freddie Wilkinson

Motivation: For being an excellent combination of the most genuine modern mountaineering, exploration and adventure, told from a cinematography of the highest level.




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