“Aware 哀れ” , Spain

Bulgarian premiere: 

“Aware 哀れ” 

Country: Spain

Year: 2022

Director: Gerard Olivé

Despription:  Aware is a Japanese word, it is a “mono no aware” concept that means: The deep feeling caused by the ephemeral beauty of nature, I think this concept perfectly reflects the bivouac philosophy, enjoy those little ephemeral moments that give the mountain See how the sun hides behind a sea of snowy mountains, the colors of the sunset, which change every minute that passes, that precise moment when you see the first rays of the sun after spending long hours inside your bag. Moments that make you feel totally happy, even for those small and ephemeral moments and that is for me the bivouac, the search for happiness.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nGJ0hUr_8E&ab_channel=xutonthetop

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