“Ara salvaje” (Spain)

Bulgarian premiere of the film “Ara salvaje”, Spain, 2017, Martín Campoy García, 52’)

Ara River is the last wild river of the Pyrenees. Natural artery of the territory. This river’s water is part of the DNA and the blood of these mountains. Kilometres of stories telling us about what the Pyrenees are and about what they were
Martín an Argentinian adventurer, rider and film maker gets on his bike to a remote place: San Nicolás de Bujaruelo. There he’ll get in touch with river Ara for the first time and from then on he will be tied to its waters, it mountains and its people.
He was captivated by the story of this river, a story full of passion, war and its peoples survival. On the banks of river Ara Martín “draw” an unprecedented sporting challenge, made new friends that changed his destiny, fell in love with the woman of his life, another adventurer that today walks beside him, and raised a family in Boltaña. On the banks of this wild river, the last wild river of the Pyrenees.
ARA SALVAJE is not only a film about Mountain Biking in the Pyrenees, that’s been a perfect excuse to tell you about the fight for freedom of the river, the fight for adaptation of the people living in these mountains and the fight for a dream of an adventurer who lives his life on the back of his bike.

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