600 Miles under the sails of Raffica, Bulgaria

World premiere: 

“600 Miles under the sails of Raffica”

Country: Bulgaria

Година: 2022

Director: Aleko Zheliazkov

Duration: 30

Desription: 600 miles under the sails of Raffica with the “Wind and Water” sports club crew. All on board are sailors who started sailing late in life, much later than the unwritten rules of sailing require. Will they fulfill their dream of competing and finishing in one of the toughest regattas in Europe – the Aegean 600 in the Meltemi season. They sail without many of the extras that other racers have, sometimes in 48 knot winds. Eight strong characters that prove it’s never too late to become a racing sailor.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W78w_Dv-O8c&ab_channel=WAW-RACING


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