Ninth International Mountain Film Festival Bansko’2009 – awards

On the 28th of November 2009, the jury of the Ninth International Film Festival for Mountains, Extreme Sports and Adventures, Bansko 2009 after watching the movies, part of the competition programme,

D E C I D E D:

The following awards are adjudging:

1) Grand prix – to: “Berhault”, France, 2008, Gilles Chappaz, Raphael Lassabliere, 69’

2) Judge Special Award – to: “In Nansen footsteps. Through Franc Josef Land”, Norway, 2009, Borge Ousland, Thomas Ulrich, 53’

3) Award for Bulgarian short film for Mountains, Extreme sports and Adventures (for Bulgarian filmmakers only) – to: “Goleshovo”, United Kingdom/ Bulgaria, 2008, Ilian Metev, 34’

4) Municipality of Bansko Award for the film of special cultural values – to: “The wooden carpet”, Iran, 2008, Abdolrahman Mirani, 20’

5) Award for complete realization in extreme conditions – to: “Oltre la parete”/ “Beyond the wall”, Italy, 2009, Elio Orlandi, 36’

6) Prize of the Bansko Tourist’ s Business Union for the film on alpine sport, exploration or adventure – to: “Carstensz – the seventh summit”, Slovakia, 2008, Pavol Barabáš, 45’ and for cycle of four films “Polskie Himalaje”/“Polish Himalayas”, Polska, 2008, Anna-Maria Filipow, Krzysztof Wielicki, Jen Szeroki.

Augusto Golin (president, Italy)

Mariana Evstatieva – Biolcheva (Bulgaria)

John Porter (Great Britain)

Mihail Mihailov (Bulgaria)

Radoslav Spasov (Bulgaria)

Rumen Stoichkov (Bulgaria)

Janusz Mayer (Poland)

28.11.2009, Bansko

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