“In Search of Devaki” (Nepal, 2016, Devaki Bist, 46’)

In Search of Devaki' investigates the ongoing practice of 'Deuki Pratha' - the outlawed tradition of selling and offering young girls in the name of God in Far-West Nepal. The custom involves offering a young girl, and in the past a young boy, to a temple by a family or clan seeking religious merit and fulfillment of a wish. It was outlawed in Nepal more than thirty years ago as an archaic practice that undermines the rights and dignity of women. Still, the practice exists today - although surreptitiously. Devaki Bist, a young journalist from the region grew up hearing about Deukis. Intrigued by the social, cultural and religious aspects surrounding the practice, she embarks on a journey to investigate this ancient custom and listen to the Deuki women's stories.

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