Today, November 29th 2014, after watching the movies from the competition selection, the members of the jury of the 14th International Mountain Film Festival in Bansko decided:

  1. Grand Prix For the movie “Voices from tundra”, Netherlands, 2013, Edwin Trommelen, Paul Enkelaar, 66’.
  2. Judge Special Award For the movie “Keeper Of The Mountains”, USA, 2013, Allison Otto, 24’.
  3. Award for Bulgarian Film for the movie “Everest dream”, Bulgaria, 2014, Nikolay Stoyanov, 54’.
  4. Municipality of Bansko Award for the film of special value that represents the culture of mountain people for “Vultures of Tibet” (USA, 2013, Russell O’Bush, 21’).
  5. Award for complete realization in extreme conditions For the movie “Footprints on the ridge”, Slovakia, 2013, Pavol Barabas, 53’.
  6. Prize for the film about alpine sport, exploration and adventure for the film “A Snowball’s Chance in Hell”, Austria/ UK/ USA/ Argentina, 2014, Thomas Dirnhofer, 101’.